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Downtown Wichita Falls Development has long been one of the main driving forces in the revitalization efforts for downtown Wichita Falls.  Housed in the Oil & Gas Building at 813 8th Street, Downtown Development believes that a healthy downtown is the heart of the city; it creates a sense of place for the citizens, businesses, and visitors.  We are proud of the hard work this organization, and countless others, have done to make downtown THE place to be in Wichita Falls.  



Mar 16: St. Patrick's Day Street Festival

Apr 4: After Hours Artwalk

Apr 27: Cajun Street Festival

May 2: After Hours Artwalk

Jun 6: After Hours Artwalk

Jul 4: After Hours Artwalk

Aug 1: After Hours Artwalk

Aug 24: Hotter Nā€™ Ale

Sept 5: After Hours Artwalk

Oct 3: After Hours Artwalk

October 3: Art & Soul Festival

Nov 23: City Lights Parade